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Brinzensky Law is a top real property and estate firm in NYC. People create wills and trusts to protect their loved ones from creditors, divorces and improper, excessive taxation or underage custody. Will and trusts need to be created as soon as a trustee has something of value (estate) to pass to their kids or grandkids, to shield them, once the trustee becomes impaired or pass away. It is of the most importance to our trust attorney to protect the trustee themselves, we make sure if you become incapacitated, you will have the means and protection to continue your life in accordance with your desire and dignity.

Do I need a lawyer to make a will?

When someone becomes incapable to make his/her own decisions or dies, the last will and testament need to be probated in the New York Surrogate Court. It requires filing the original will and information about decedents. The court will determine the validity of the last will and issue a decree and letters testamentary to the person named an executor in the last will to distribute the assets under the law and according to the trustee’s desire. Do-it-yourself documents will follow the procedure at best, but they will not give you the best possible advice from the experienced wills, trusts and estates NY attorney. Please contact Brinzensky Law to receive exemplary structured wills and trusts document.

Is a will legal without a lawyer?

Writing a will or creating a trust is a complex and meticulous process. It will require a person to understand the procedure, local and federal law of precedent. Brinzensky Law has to ensure the will and trust is properly structured and filed, otherwise after Surrogate Court issues letters testamentary, the estate could be challenged by the ex-spouse, government, long-lost relatives or collectors.

What does a lawyer do with a will?

Our wills, trusts, and estates attorney will help an individual or a couple plan for the future. We deal with the circumstances, people did not plan for the future. Effectively our talented and experienced attorney will help a client to create a legal safety net for their loved ones.

The legal solution to the estate planning disputes requires using the will and trust arrangements to protect assets from taxation and litigation. We draft documents that satisfy the relevant legal requirements while materializing the client’s goals. The strategy can be designed to encourage secure and comfortable life for a client, their spouses, children, and grandchildren. People are concerned with their own future ability to handle financial and healthcare matters. We will craft articulate living wills and power of attorney that are executed to meet the client’s unique requirements and future arrangements.

Brinzensky Law aspires to counsel clients in identifying and obtaining clients’ estate planning needs with the material advice regarding the variety of legal and tax issues that may face a client, whether akin to their business, estate, or personal tax affairs.

The general public and business owners must have New York estate planning attorney or a probate administration attorney; whether you are required to draft a will, track relative’s estate through probate, attesting a guardianship for an aging parent, your kids or you are involved in a dispute that is headed for litigation. Going with us means constantly having a talented expert lawyer who keenly comprehends how to fight for your interest.

You need the asset protection and estate planning. To create a trust or will document in accordance with the Federal and New York State law, please contact Brinzensky law. We will guide you through the trust administration process, will create and finalize yours and your loved ones’ estate planning.