Residential Real Estate Law

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Realization of your dreams tomorrow will demand our expertise today.

In case you live in New York State, out-of-state or even out of the country, having a top real estate firm representing your interests could be a huge difference in time, money and the future real estate title security. We guide and protect our client’s property and financial interests at every stage of the real estate transaction process, starting with contract negotiation, sophisticated financial structuring, and successful timely closing.

At the Brinzensky Law firm, we pride ourselves on serving and supporting our clients in every aspect of their real estate legal and ethical transaction involved. We help our clients to better understand their legal rights and obligations. We help them with sophisticated planning and execution of their dreams to secure their present and future real estate property ownership.

What is a Real Estate Attorney?

Real Estate transactions are unique in their nature. People need guidance to navigate through the forest of rules, regulations, industry standards, customs required to successfully and timely close the deal. The Brinzensky Law attorney will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and creative solutions. Please contact Brinzensky Law, you will be impressed by the speed and professionalism of successfully closing a real estate transaction and achieving your dream to own your home.

What is the real estate purchasing process?

There are no set guidelines on buying a home in New York City or Long Island. That’s been stated generally — people need to start working with real estate agents to find the property they are willing to buy. Financial qualification and home inspection are important in planning the property purchase consideration. As soon as you zero in on the property, you will need the Brinzensky Law legal team on your side. We will work with our clients on drafting and reviewing the real estate contract, negotiate the addendum to better legally protect and serve our clients’ needs. Not many people know, in New York, real estate attorneys’ work is not done at the closing. There are requirements to file additional paperwork to legalize and secure the real estate transaction. We will help our clients to understand and to create a financing strategy and road map to successfully close on the property of your dream within a short period of time without any shortcuts and omissions.

What is real estate law?

The simplified legal definition of real estate is a parcel of land and buildings on it. Real estate law governs who is the owner of the real estate and how the land and buildings on it can be used.

That simple concept is getting immensely complex in real life. Local neighborhoods, local governments, banks, New York State law, and Federal Real estate law all have rules and provisions on who and how the real estate property in New York State can be owned and used.

Please contact Brinzensky Law, we will work with you to ensure when you own the property, you will have peace of mind of knowing that your home is protected by our legal system. New York Real estate law is on your side.

At Brinzensky Law, we serve our clients with impeccable service and years’ worth of knowledge and experience recognized by our peers and regulators. We will help you to buy, to sell, to refinance your property with ease and legal security. For your free consultation, please contact Brinzensky Law today.