Personal Injury Law

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The successful result through expertise, focus, and dedication.

With a Brinzensky Law personal injury lawyer, our strategy and tenacity, your justice delivered.

Brinzensky Law represents hard-working New Yorkers who suffered life-altering, catastrophic events. We represent people in traffic accidents, premise accidents, workplace accidents, serious medical injury. We respond to our clients with compassion, solid support, and knowledge of the New York personal injury law.

A personal injury claim in New-York requires that the conduct at the issue cause physical, emotional and/or financial injury to the victim due to negligence or a criminal act. Time and big insurance company are not on the victim’s side. Liability will most likely be based on negligence. You need to contact Brinzensky Law as fast as possible so we can provide you with personal attention, aggressive and fast legal action representation.

What is a Personal Injury lawyer?

At Brinzensky Law,  we understand a tortuous impact that a personal injury accident can have on you and your loved ones. Physical injury, even if it is insignificant or disastrous, is just a part of the suffering our clients endure. People also need to cope with damages to the property, health, medical expenses, time away from work. And, of course, there is the time you missed not seeing your loved ones. Our NY personal injury attorney and our legal team will help our clients to successfully navigate the perilous life-altering journey. We will fight for your legal rights with focus and tenacity to get your compensation, to ease your suffering, and, if possible, to help you to go back to normal life.

How to find a Personal Injury Lawyer?

“Personal Injury Lawyer near me” is an inadequate search strategy. You need to talk to a personal injury attorney directly without middle man staff. At Brinzensky Law, you can speak to an attorney for free, you will see that we care about your predicament, we can discuss a sound battle strategy, our experts are ones of the most experienced in the industry. We will guide and support you to get back on your feet.

Do I need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Insurance companies are fighting tenaciously to discredit a victim. They have a team of experts who are building cases day and night to protect their company interests. You need a personal injury legal firm with aggressive and sophisticated legal services. We are proud of our consistent, professional excellence and constantly achieving successful results for our clients. Do not waste precious time, call Brinzensky Law now.

What do Personal Injury Lawyers do?

You should never have to pay for other people’s mistake or negligence, you deserve justice. If you suffered on a construction site, in an office, traffic accident, doctors’ negligence case or nursing home unreasonable standards of care, you are entitled to just compensation. Our highly skilled personal injury attorney in NY has vast experience in handling the most complicated personal injury and wrongful death cases.

If you or a loved one has been injured by someone else recklessness or negligence, please contact the well established Brinzensky Law, highly valued personal injury legal services in New-York. To learn more about your legal rights, consult us. Our experienced team stands ready to fight for your rights and get you the money you deserve.