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The strength of the contract directly correlates to a successful argument

The contract is the foundation of a business transaction. Whether you are buying goods or selling services, a   contract is there to define boundaries and protect the parties involved. The contract needs to be detailed, clearly defined by the terms of the agreement in subject and conditions of the business relationship involved.  Brinzensky Law has deep transactional experience in business law and contract reviewing, drafting, revising, negotiation, handle credit enhanced transaction and arrange permanent or bridge financing not just In New York but worldwide.  Even a well-drafted contract can end up in breach or dispute. You need a well-versed and creative contract drafting attorney on your side to be able to review an agreement, draft contracts and expeditiously address client’s legal issues as well as business needs.

How long does it take to receive a draft contract?

To receive a contract from the time of preliminary discussing to fully executed contract really depends on the complexity of the contract and the parties involved. A basic contract could be drafted and executed in less than a week. In a more complex transaction, where you have multiple parties involved, like government, banks, other attorneys, it could take from 2 to 4 months to fully execute the contract. Our legal team at Brinzensky Law will help you to design a sophisticated deal structure and achieve client’s success when the stakes are high. Please contact us for a free consultation, you will be impressed.

How to draft a business contract?

Contracts could be verbal or written. To protect your business interest and your reputation from shrewd business people and other astute individuals, focus a great deal on locking the term agreement in writing. A well-written agreement will supersede an oral agreement in a court in case there is a legal disagreement or adverse business filing between parties’ interests involved. The value of a Brinzensky Law contract drafting lawyer will be evident not only on the paper but in the advice you are getting from an experienced attorney who has many years of valuable experience and knowledge on your side. Please contact us for a free consultation.

How to draft a contract between two parties?

A business contract is a legally enforceable agreement between parties which specifies what should be done or should not be done in the framework of the discussed transactional agreement. There is a huge variety of different types of contracts, however, to be legally binding and enforceable they need basic components:

  • Consideration (what has been exchanged between the parties of a value);
  • Intent (the parties’ understanding that the agreement is legally binding);
  • An initial offer;
  • Negotiation, acceptance of the offer or counteroffer in good faith.

A Brinzensky Law contract drafting attorney and our team will help you to strategically draft an exit strategy, drafting, negotiation, closing of prime and subcontractors, legal impact, advising on buy-sell, buyout transaction, founder withdrawal, review of draft proposals, among some of the topics of the legal contract drafting services we provide to our clients. Please contact us to discuss your needs and aspirations.

All individuals, as well as businesses, are unique with special circumstances and specific needs. There is no single algorithm for all possible scenarios.  Our legal contract drafting team thinks about what really matters to our client, what risks they fear, what obstacles they face, what uncertainty a particular business transaction presents. Please contact Brinzensky Law to discuss your particular need and strategy for your business need or review and draft a contract.