Commercial Real Estate Law

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The value of the plan is its implementation.

When it comes to a commercial real estate transaction, our highly regarded real estate attorney could be the difference between a failed idea and successful financial investment. Brinzensky Law’s real estate attorney and paralegals assist our clients with care and due diligence process for every step of the way of the commercial real estate transaction. We skillfully represent our clients’ interests in preparation and the contract negotiation, financing, purchasing, sales, leasing, transfer rights, easements, short sale, personal credit history, and the title repair. We help our clients to structure and file construction renovation, partnership, restoration, condemnation, property financing, disposition of property, leasing and other types of NYC real estate transactions.

Real estate sales, purchase or lease is emotional as well as a financial investment. As a business owner, we understand your frustrations and ambitions, we work creatively and vigorously to minimize your risk exposure to secure your financial future. We represent developers, condominium associations, cooperative apartment corporations and individuals in complex real estate transactions or just straight forward real estate transactions.

What is the commercial real estate law?

Commercial real estate law is a part of New York Real estate. It covers properties which are not clients primary dwelling, such as apartment buildings, lots slated for development, retail centers, hotels, office buildings. These types of properties have considerably more complex rules and regulations to govern their ownership and use. This is done because there is an understanding that unless the owner gets the property under the right financial and business environment, he or she can relinquish its obligation without adversely affecting their family primary dwelling. At Brinzensky Law, we have years of experience working with entrepreneurs to achieve success and security on the wide range of legal and financial transactions. We understand how much blood and sweat was invested in the business, to begin with. We will help you to create a secure legal financial shelter for you and your family for a bright future.

How a lawyer can help with obtaining real estate financing?

Dealing with the financing or refinancing of your real estate property means that you have to deal with the entanglement of government laws and the perplexity of bank regulations. Brinzensky Law has the experience and creativity to successfully finance and close on your commercial real estate property. We help our clients to set, review and negotiate conditions necessary to acquire favorable financing. We can help our clients to architect beneficial refinancing in case there is a need for that. Please contact Brinzensky Law for free to discuss the details.

What is a commercial real estate law firm NYC?

Brinzensky Law provides our commercial and business clients with a wide range of services designed to address our client’s financial success and legal security through compliance with the law and creative planning based on our expertise and due diligence. Contact Brinzensky Law today to discuss how you can take advantage of the opportunity you have and successfully implement your business growth through a sound investment.

Brinzensky Law is a NYC law firm that is well respected by our peers and partners for our depth of knowledge and keen acumen dedication to our client’s interests. Please Contact Brinzensky Law today for a free consultation and business strategy on how to handle your real estate transaction on time and legally secured.